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Signs You May Need Scleral Contact Lenses

Your eyesight is one of the most precious treasures that you have. Proper vision care is extremely important for maintaining one of the five critical senses, which helps you live life to the fullest. If you have been affected by low vision issues, it may be time to explore specialty optical solutions, such as scleral […]

Are Dry Eye Masks Good for Your Eyes?  

If you suffer from dry eye in Wellington, FL, you probably already know that it’s a relatively common condition. However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s easy to cope with. While certainly not life threatening on its own, dry eyes can easily interfere with important tasks like driving or chopping. You might have seen […]

Are You Ready to Say Good-bye to Glasses?  

Although glasses help to improve vision, they are not always convenient to wear. They fog up, are difficult to wear when playing sports, and may not look as attractive as you would like. Contact lenses in Wellington, FL can make an excellent alternative. One of the greatest advantages of contact lenses compared to glasses is […]

How do Scleral Lenses Help With Dry Eye?  

Wearing traditional contact lenses when you have dry eye in Wellington, FL can be a little bit challenging. The lack of hydration that is symptomatic of dry eye typically makes it uncomfortable to wear regular contact lenses. Although eyeglasses are one good solution, there is another. Scleral lenses offer a way to correct vision problems […]

Tips to Remember During an Eye Health Emergency  

When you know you need emergency eye care in Wellington, FL, there are steps you can take before getting to the eye doctor to protect your eyes. Eye emergencies come in a lot of shapes and forms: eye or eyelid trauma, intense eye pain, foreign objects in the eye, and even sudden changes in vision. […]

The Four Types of Myopia Control

If you can see objects near you but not objects far away, you might need to see an optometrist in Wellington, FL to get a diagnosis. You might have myopia. What Is Myopia? Myopia is nearsightedness and it’s very common. Nearsightedness is when a person can see objects close to them but can’t clearly see objects far […]

Signs It’s Time to See An Eye Doctor

Do you know when it’s time to see the eye doctor in Wellington, FL? Hopefully, you see the eye doctor on a regular basis. This is especially important if you have eyeglasses. Going to the eye doctor can help protect your eyes and vision. Here’s what you need to know. It’s Been a Year Since Your […]