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3 Signs You Have an Eyelid Disorder

Eyelid disorders are relatively common and can range in severity. People with extreme symptoms, such as a drooping eyelid, won’t have to question whether to see aneye doctor in Wellington, FL. Other people may not even realize there’s an issue. We’ll look at the most common signs of eyelid disorders and why it’s important to […]

Teaching Kids to Love Their Eyeglasses

Even though eyeglasses help your child to see better, many kids take a while to get used to wearing them. It’s quite common for parents to send their children off to school wearing their glasses, only for the child to remove them immediately out of sight of mom or dad. Often, children are embarrassed about […]

Contacts vs. Eyeglasses: The Right Choice For You

When you need vision correction, you have several options, including contact lenses or eyeglasses. Some people use a combination of both, but most rely on one primarily for everyday activities. The right choice for you will depend on several factors. You should consider all the advantages and disadvantages when choosing contact lenses in Wellington, FL, […]

What Does Eye Discharge Mean?

No one wants to have eye discharge unless it’s happy tears. But eye discharge is something we all have to live with. When is eye discharge cause for concern or a trip to your eye doctor in Wellington, FL? Here’s a breakdown of what eye discharge can mean. Normal Eye Discharge The eyes normally discharge […]

Can Dry Eye Syndrome be Cured?

For people who suffer from dry eye syndrome in Wellington, FL, the condition can be inconvenient, disruptive, and even painful. It causes the eyes to be red and irritated and sometimes feel like sandpaper. If you have dry eye syndrome, you also know that wearing contact lenses is often not possible. For these reasons, many […]

Risk Factors for Dry Eye

Are you plagued with chronically dry eyes? This is a condition that causes several uncomfortable symptoms, including red, itchy eyes and the feeling that there’s something in your eye that you can’t get out. Fortunately, youreye doctor in Wellington, FL, can tell you more about dry eye, including who’s most at risk of developing this […]

3 Reasons to Take Eye Vitamins

Eye vitamins can be taken to help people protect and improve their eyesight, but they’re not nearly as discussed as general supplements and vitamins. At Family Vision Center PA, we promote MacuHealth due to its results on people’s visual performance. We’ll look at the benefits if you’re interested in keeping your sight at peak capacity. […]