Family Vision Center PA: How To Know Your Toddler Needs Glasses

You know when you need glasses because your eyes are tired and strained. You might even have a headache. But…what about your child? How can you know if your toddler, who may not be able to express themselves well yet, needs glasses?

You don’t have to wait until your child’s in school to get them an eye exam. In fact, getting a vision test by the age of one can help identify problems with vision early.


Symptoms of Eye Problems in Toddlers

In the first seven to eight years of a child’s life, their eyes are still developing. Young children often have signs of vision problems, but they can be easy to miss.

Look for symptoms of vision problems such as:

  • Squinting, which can be a sign that your child is having trouble focusing
  • Sitting closely to the television or getting very close to a book can be signs of trouble with nearsightedness
  • Complaining about headaches, which can be caused by overexertion of the eyes
  • Rubbing the eyes, which can be a sign of eye strain or fatigue

Regular Vision Care Matters for Kids

Regular pediatric eye care in Wellington, FL, is important for identifying when children need glasses, contacts, or other kinds of vision therapies. In our office, we can identify common problems with eye function, such as:

  • Eye teaming issues
  • Refractive errors
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
  • Myopia

Tests are painless and easy for children, and they can help identify simple solutions to improve their vision, such as wearing glasses, using an eye patch to support eye development, or ordering vision therapy.

Would your child benefit from pediatric eye care in Wellington, FL? Reach out to our team today to set up a vision checkup.

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