Family Vision Center PA: The Best Frames for Your Face Shape

When you need glasses in Wellington, FL, one of the best parts of the optometrist visit is being able to choose your new frames. However, many people have trouble choosing the frame that highlights their best features.

Our team is here to help you select the right pair of glasses for your needs, but if you want a little extra insight, here’s how you can determine the right frame for your face.


Why Does Frame Shape Matter for Glasses?

The frame you choose can greatly impact the way you look. Glasses can highlight your best features or take away from them.

When you choose your next pair of glasses, think “opposites attract.”

  • If you have a face with sharp angles, namely a heart-shaped or square face, you’ll want to look for softer shapes in your frames, such as round or curved frames. These will help create a more symmetrical appearance.
  • If you have a round- or oval-shaped face, opt for sharper glasses to slim your face. Good options may include cat-eye or square frames.

Of course, the right frames for you will be the frames you love, so don’t hesitate to try on frames of different widths, colors, and shapes. And, if you need extra help, let us know — we’ll help you select from our collection of glasses in the office.


Get the Right Pair of Glasses for Your Vision

At Family Vision Center PA, we have a selection of beautiful glasses to choose from. We carry all major brands, from Guccu to Chopard and Oakley. Our team is here to help you find the right glasses in Wellington, FL, following your vision exam, so call us to set up an appointment or stop in to browse our collection today.

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