Can My Child Develop Dry Eye Syndrome and How to Treat Kids

Since 1966, Family Vision Center has been the optometrist in Wellington, FL, for dry eye relief. We work with children and adults who have dry eye syndrome, which is increasingly common. Whether your child is using digital screens often or has dry eye symptoms due to your home or work environment, we can assist with reducing dry eye syndrome.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic inflammation in the eyeball associated with the use of digitized screens. The bright lights on screens reflect into the retina and cornea and cause damage to the eyeball. As a result of too much exposure to these bright lights, often close up to the face, your child could develop dry eye syndrome.

How to Tell If Your Child Has Dry Eye Syndrome

The most noticeable symptom of dry eye syndrome is red, scratchy eyeballs. When your child complains about having grit or sand in their eyes, which are also bright red instead of white, this is a sign of a dry eye condition.

Another way to know if your child’s red eyes are caused by dry eye syndrome is to consider their screen time. Does your child use a computer or mobile device for longer than eight hours at a time on a regular basis? This is a common cause of dry eye syndrome, and reducing use of digital screens may reduce the symptoms.

Treat Your Dry Eye in Wellington, FL

The only way to determine if your child has dry eye syndrome in Wellington, FL, is to consult with an optometrist. Our eye doctor is ready to assist you and your child with a thorough eye and vision exam to test for dry eye condition.

Contact Family Vision Center at 561-439-2020 for an appointment to treat dry eye for your child.

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