Myopia Management

Slowing the progression is important because it may reduce the risk of developing serious eye conditions later in life such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and blindness. There are several treatment options to slow the progression of myopia.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes affect millions of people in the United States. It is estimated that as many as 4.88 million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from this uncomfortable condition.  We’ll help you find a treatment option that brings you relief.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye exams are vital to your overall health. In addition to assessing your visual acuity, your eye care provider will test for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes are functioning together, and more.


Dr. Mazza and her staff run a first class operation making first time patients like me feel like I’ve been going there all my life. The doctor prescribed a medication that cleared my stye right up and we’re on the road to making my always red and dry eyes white again someday soon. I highly recommend this place. Thanks again guys! ?✊

Brett S.
Brett S.

The best eye doctor I have been to so far! Dr. Hayes and the other staff were very professional and provided me with a thorough examination of my eye.

Syed H.
Syed H.

Dr. Mazza is great. Her practice is well organized therefore she able to spend the appropriate time with her patients. She is diligent in improving your vision as much as possible. She implements the latest in technology to aid in her overall care of the eye. Great vision center.

Nita A.
Nita A.

Beautiful center. Staff very friendly and attentive. Nice selection of glasses. Highly recommend.

Steve A.
Steve A.

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  • Lenses and Frames

    The right eyewear balances form and function. You want to look great, feel great, and see clearly in every condition. Family Vision Center P.A. can help you find your match.

  • Contacts Lenses

    Do you need vision correction but don’t want to wear eyeglasses full time? Contact lenses are a great option for almost anyone.

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Serious health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure are often first detected during an eye exam. Don’t put it off — schedule your comprehensive eye exam at Family Vision Center P.A. today.

  • Pediatric Eye Care

    Vision develops rapidly starting at birth and is tied to many developmental milestones, such as hand-eye coordination and reading. In the long term, your child’s vision will impact how they learn, play, and interact with the world.

  • Emergency Eye Exams

    If you need emergency eye care or know someone who does, call now for immediate assistance.

  • Myopia

    Myopia is the technical term for what most people call nearsightedness. It’s a disorder affecting the eyes that prevents affected people from seeing faraway objects clearly. A person with myopia can still see clearly any objects that are up close, but anything far away — text on a sign, people, the television across the room — is blurry and even illegible.

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