3 Signs You Have an Eyelid Disorder

Eyelid disorders are relatively common and can range in severity. People with extreme symptoms, such as a drooping eyelid, won’t have to question whether to see aneye doctor in Wellington, FL. Other people may not even realize there’s an issue. We’ll look at the most common signs of eyelid disorders and why it’s important to pay attention to them.

Eyelid Irritation
If you’re constantly itching your eyes, the problem may not be your eyes but your eyelids. Conditions like blepharitis occur when your glands are blocked, or the eyelid skin is infected, which can cause the eyelids to become inflamed.

Bump on the Eyelid
A bump on the eyelid is usually a stye. This condition is caused when the gland or hair follicle is infected. Styes often go away after a few days; some are so small that they may go undetectable. However, if you’re constantly getting styes or they take too long to go away, it could be a sign of a more chronic problem.

If you notice flakes or crust on your eyelid, it could be a sign that your glands are blocked. The saline from your tears is not the only element that keeps your eyes moist. You need the oil from the gland inside your eyelid to stay hydrated. Crusting is more than annoying, it’s a condition that can lead to chronic dry eye in the future.

See an Optometrist in Wellington
Eyelid disorders in Wellington, FL, can be treated when you visit the right team. At Family Vision Center PA, we can tell you more about the problem so you can get the help and care you need.

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