What Happens When You Wear Daily Contacts Longer Than a Day?

Does your optometrist in Wellington, FL, prescribe daily contact lenses for you? If so, you don’t want to wear them longer than your optometrist has prescribed.

Wearing your contact lenses for longer than prescribed can block off oxygen from your eye, causing new blood vessels to grow. If this happens, the new growth can block light from going through the cornea, leading to potential vision loss.

Five Things That Happen When You Wear Daily Contact Lenses Longer Than a Day
Here are some risks associated with wearing daily contacts for an extended period.

1. Eye Irritation
Daily disposable contacts are prone to deposit buildup. Additionally, minor irritants will accumulate on the surface, and reusing the contacts can cause eye irritation.

2. Corneal Abrasion
If your contacts break apart, they will likely injure your cornea (front of your eye). This is because their shape no longer matches the cornea’s curvature. And if your contacts break into pieces while they are still in your eye, removing the pieces may cause painful scratches on your eye, requiring emergency treatment.

3. Corneal Neovascularization
Reusing disposable lenses reduces their quality. And this will disrupt oxygen penetration. If your cornea doesn’t get enough oxygen (hypoxia), it could begin to swell. Additionally, severe corneal neovascularization can result in blindness.

4. Infections
If you go against your optometrist’s advice and wear yourdaily contact lenses in Wellington, FL, for too long, they are likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria or viruses, which can cause infection and inflammation. Not only that, but conditions like conjunctivitis and microbial keratitis can cause blindness.

5. Poor Vision
Daily contacts are only designed to provide you with good vision for just one day. But if you wash them, it can cause scratches and other damage, reducing their effectiveness. Never reuse daily disposable contact lenses. If you prefer reusable ones, go for the daily extended-use contacts, which you can re-wear for up to 30 days.

Are You Needing an Optometrist in Wellington, FL?
If you need an optometrist in Wellington, FL, pleaseContact Family Vision Center PA today. Your vision isn’t something to be taken lightly. Therefore, it’s important to have it checked regularly.

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