Your Little One Is Nervous About the Eye Doctor? How to Help

It’s not so unusual for your little one to be nervous about seeing a new doctor. If your child is nervous about seeing the eye doctor in Wellington FL, there are many things you can do to make the experience less scary. By saying positive things about seeing the eye doctor, describing what to expect during the eye appointment, and using other strategies, you can make the experience of going to the eye doctor better for your child.

Say Positive Things About the Eye Doctor

You know that going to the eye doctor isn’t a scary experience, but your child may not be aware. One of the ways that you can help your child develop a positive attitude about the eye doctor is to show your child that you have a positive experience when you go for your own appointments.

Start talking about how you enjoy your visits to the eye doctor because you enjoy getting new glasses when the time comes. Even if you don’t have eyeglasses, you can also talk about how your eye doctor is a nice person, and share qualities about the eye doctor that you appreciate.

Describe What to Expect

Many children are afraid of what they don’t know. You can quell your child’s fears by talking about what happens when you go to the eye doctor. Talk to your child about reading the eye chart, and about how the eye doctor looks into your eyes to check for diseases. None of these things hurts, so be sure to tell them that!

Get Them Excited About Choosing Glasses

The most exciting thing about going to the eye doctor is getting new glasses! If your child will be getting new glasses when they go to the eye doctor, ask them about the type of glasses they hope to get, what color, and so on. Get them excited!

Choose an eye doctor who offers pediatric eye services in Wellington FL. To make an appointment, call Vision Source today.

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