Suffering From Dry Eye This Winter? What You Can Do

Dry eye can be a pain – literally! Dry eye can make your eyes itchy and uncomfortable. When you’re fighting dry eye, it’s important to see the eye doctor in Wellington, FL. It’s also important to know what you can do at home to keep the dry eye at bay. Here’s how we suggest you manage dry eye.

Use Over-the-Counter Saline Products

Over-the-counter saline products can help prevent dry eyes. Saline mimics the effects of normal tears to keep your eyes moist. When using saline products, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get best results.

Humidify Your Home

Sometimes dry eyes occur because of a dry environment. One way that you can add moisture to your environment is by humidifying your home. Buy a portable humidifier to place in the parts of your house where you spend the most time. The bedroom, living room and dining room are often some of the best places to place a humidifier.

Avoid Using Blow Dryers

Blow dryers can dry the eyes through blasts of hot air. It’s best to avoid using blow dryers all together, but if you must use a blow dryer, aim it away from your eyes. Use a low setting and keep the temperature of the air on “cool”.

See Your Eye Doctor

Sometimes dry eye occurs because of a condition. Other times, dry eye occurs because of a medication or because of conditions in the environment. Your eye doctor can help you determine the cause of your dry eye, and which treatment is best. For dry eye services in Wellington, FL, call today to make an appointment.

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