Will My Child Notice If Their Eyesight Gets Worse?

As children grow, their bodies have to adjust to multiple changes. With every growth spurt, they learn more about themselves and how things work. When it comes to their eyes, though, they don’t necessarily know what a normal vision field is. We’ll look at what parents should pay attention to and how to avoid bigger problems in the future.

Signs to Look for
Older children will usually tell you when they’re having a problem seeing things. They may mention that they can’t see the chalkboard from the middle row or that they can’t tell the difference between two similarly shaped objects.

For very young kids, though, you may have to look for things like squinting, eye rubbing, or difficulty concentrating. Even frequent headaches can indicate that your child isn’t seeing well. If your child has a lazy eye, an issue where one eye is stronger and compensates for the other, you may notice your child holding their hand in front of one eye to see.

What You Can Do
Parents should schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Wellington, FL, between the ages of one and two. These routine eye exams are important because they’re more than checking a child’s visual acuity. It’s important to assess their overall eye health when young children can be susceptible to eye disorders like glaucoma. The earlier problems are discovered, the more likely a professional will be able to intervene.

Eye Exams in Wellington
At Family Vision Center PA, you’ll find staff that’s used to cater to families from all over the city. Contact us today if you’re looking forpediatric eye care in Wellington, FL. We’ll have you start by filling out our questionnaire before examining your child to see if they requires additional treatment or care.

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