Can Nearsightedness be Prevented?

If you wear prescription eyewear in Wellington, FL, for nearsightedness, you know how inconvenient this condition can be. Even if you’re only a bit nearsighted, you always rely on contacts or glasses to help you see clearly. And if you’re heavily nearsighted, you wake up to a blurry world and may feel like you’re living in a fog until you put your lenses on. The good news is that if you have children, you can work to help prevent them from becoming nearsighted. To a certain extent, this condition can be prevented.

Why Are People Nearsighted?
A refraction error inside the eye causes nearsightedness. When the normally oval eye is elongated, the light that enters the eyes is focused in front of the retina rather than on it.

How to Help Prevent Nearsightedness
It’s important to note that genetics play a big role in whether a person develops nearsightedness. However, several strategies may help reduce the risk or slow its progression in children.

Supply Abundant Lighting
When your child is reading or doing any activity indoors, ensure there is plenty of light. This is especially important at night when only lamps are used to light a room. The child should not be reading or coloring in low light, where they must squint and strain their eyes.

Encourage Outdoor Play
When weather permits, encourage your child to spend time outside playing instead of inside. In moderation, the sun’s rays provide Vitamin D, which is essential for the healthy growth and development of the eyes and the rest of the body. Also, more exposure to natural light and focusing on distant objects may help maintain proper eye growth and reduce myopia risk.

You may not be able to entirely prevent myopia, but you might be able to minimize it. In the meantime, contact your eye doctor in Wellington, FL, for your next eye prescription.

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