What Are the Primary Causes of Dry Eye?

Did you realize that our modern technology-rich lifestyle may be the cause of increasing dry eye problems? It’s not just seasonal allergies and dust storms that are to blame for the itchiness and redness that plague many Americans.

The increasing amount of screen time by both children and adults seems to contribute to higher numbers of dry eye problems and potential vision issues for millions of Americans, particularly if you’re over 50.

Why Lubrication Is Important

Tears are meant to lubricate our eyes, and natural tears soothe and cleanse the cornea, wash away irritants and keep our eyes bright and our corneas healthy. Sometimes tear ducts can become blocked, and certain common medications can impede the formation of tears.

But another cause of dry eye is simple evaporation. That also may be a lifestyle problem, with people spending more time indoors in temperature-controlled environments.

If you don’t cry at sad movies, or if your eyes “burn,” are easily irritated, or react to intense light without tearing up, you may be plagued by chronic dry eye. Dry eyes may be seasonal or allergy-related, but the reasons may not even be apparent.

Be Aware of Technology Issues

It is normal to blink less frequently when looking at a computer screen or watching a movie on television. Screen time is often cited as a serious problem for children, but it is also an issue for adults who work in offices. Reading books and driving, when concentration is vital, can also contribute to dry eye issues.

What to Do to Combat Dry Eye 

A relatively small percentage of people report overactive tear ducts and are always dabbing at their eyes with tissues. Occasionally, achieving the proper balance can be difficult.

Consult with your eye doctor in Wellington, Florida, if you have a problem with too few or too many tears. It might be a condition that can be easily treated. Would you like to schedule an appointment?

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