Does Bacteria Cause Dry Eye?

Dry eyes affect millions of people worldwide, but the condition is not always well understood by those who suffer from it. If you’ve ever wondered what causes dry eye and whether you should be worried about a bacterial infection, learn more about the research.

What We Know

The truth is that scientists are still asking questions about dry eyes and their relationship with bacteria. Generally, bacteria are not thought to cause dry eye in Wellington, FL, though there are connections between the two. The fewer tears you produce, the less protection you have against infections. In addition, if you have a surplus of bacteria in the eye, thanks to an imbalance of the healthy bacteria that thrive on your eye’s surface, this may weaken the tear film and irritate it.

Understanding Dry Eye

If you’ve ever blinked after sitting in front of a TV screen for too long only to realize how dry your eyes are, you may already know that dry eyes may stem from different causes. For many people, it’s a problem with their meibomian glands, which sit at the edge of the eyelid. If these glands become clogged, they fail to release the oil that hydrates (your eyes and saline). Thankfully, some treatments can unclog the glands.

Eye Doctors in Wellington

Dry eyes aren’t serious on their own, but they can interfere with your vision, which can be dangerous if you perform critical tasks. If you’ve been dealing with dry eyes lately, whether it’s a chronic problem or just noticing it happening more often, an optometrist in Wellington, FL, can tell you more about what’s happening behind the surface. Family Vision Center PA’s staff can evaluate your eyes and treat your condition based on the results.

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