My Baby Has a Lazy Eye – What Does That Mean?

Does your child have a weak or wandering eye? This is a lazy eye. This is a relatively common condition that can affect children at a young age. Your child’s eye doctor in Wellington, FL, can help. At Family Vision Center PA, we’re committed to helping our patients maintain healthy eyes.

What is a lazy eye?
A lazy eye, also called amblyopia, is a condition that can occur early in a child’s development. A lazy eye is a weak eye with poor vision that wanders inward or outward. Usually, a child with amblyopia only has one lazy eye.

A lazy eye can develop any time between birth and 7 years. Catching this problem early is important. Your child’s eye doctor can help strengthen your child’s eye.

What should I do about it if my child has a lazy eye?
If your child has a lazy eye, you can bring your child to the eye doctor for a vision check after the first few weeks of life. Your child’s eye doctor can diagnose the condition and use a variety of therapies to help your child strengthen their eye.

Often, patching (putting a patch on the stronger eye) and corrective lenses can help correct this problem. If the problem is caught early enough, your child’s eye doctor may be able to fix the eye and reverse the damage.

Failure to fix this problem over time could lead to loss of vision in the lazy eye, so don’t delay making an appointment with your child’s eye doctor.

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