I Have Glasses, But Want Contacts. What’s the Next Step?

Contact lenses are a popular option among people who need corrective lenses. If you have glasses and would like to have contacts, your eye doctor in Wellington, FL, can help. After your eyes are examined, your eye doctor can order the right contacts for your eyes. Here’s what you need to know.

Get A Contact Lens Examination
In order to get you the right contacts, your eye doctor needs to examine your eyes. During the contact lens examination, the eye doctor will check the prescription of your eyes, measure the curvature of your eyes, and assess the qualities of your eyes, like how much moisture is produced by your eyes.

This step is important for ensuring that you’re given the right kind of contacts for your needs. There are different kinds of contacts available, and your eye doctor will have to decide which type and prescription is right for you.

Want Colored Contacts?
Your eye doctor can order you colored contacts as well as standard contacts. If you would like colored contacts, talk to your eye doctor during the contact lens examination.

Come Back to Pick Them Up
Once your eye doctor has determined what type of contact lenses in Wellington, FL, are best for you, they’ll order your contacts and have them delivered to the office. You’ll pick them up like you would traditional glasses. When you come in, the eye doctor will show you how to use them and provide you with important instructions about contact lens care.

It’s important to follow all the instructions provided to you by the eye doctor. Contact lenses need to be kept clean and cared for properly.

Do you have questions about contact lenses? Call Family Vision Center PA to make an appointment for a contact lens examination.

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