The Benefits of On-Site Services

You likely do so when you visit your eye doctor for one reason. Maybe you need a new prescription or want to ask questions about a change in your vision. However, just because you come in for one thing doesn’t mean you won’t need additional services by the time you finish the appointment. We’ll look at why it helps to have more optical services on-site.


Let’s face it: putting off your eye doctor appointments in Wellington, FL, can be easy. If you don’t need anything specific, you may forget entirely instead of rescheduling. This is why it’s so convenient to have experts available when you need them most.

When there are more services on site, it’s easier to get everything done in one visit. At Family Vision Center PA, we offer lenses, frames, contacts, pediatric eye care, and emergency eye exams. So if you have an unexpected concern, you can get it done without having to schedule another appointment.


A reputable optometrist in Wellington with on-site services must be staffed with experts if the business hopes to provide value to its clients. So if you have an unusual eye anomaly or your prescription doesn’t fit within the most common products, you can work with people who will find solutions.

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There are numerous options in the West Palm Beach area if you’re looking for an eye doctor. The key is going to a practice where you want to return repeatedly — your eyes are too important to bounce around. At Family Vision Center PA, we do everything in our power to streamline the experience for you so it’s easier to get in and back to real life again.

My Baby Has a Lazy Eye – What Does That Mean?

Does your child have a weak or wandering eye? This is a lazy eye. This is a relatively common condition that can affect children at a young age. Your child’s eye doctor in Wellington, FL, can help. At Family Vision Center PA, we’re committed to helping our patients maintain healthy eyes.

What is a lazy eye?
A lazy eye, also called amblyopia, is a condition that can occur early in a child’s development. A lazy eye is a weak eye with poor vision that wanders inward or outward. Usually, a child with amblyopia only has one lazy eye.

A lazy eye can develop any time between birth and 7 years. Catching this problem early is important. Your child’s eye doctor can help strengthen your child’s eye.

What should I do about it if my child has a lazy eye?
If your child has a lazy eye, you can bring your child to the eye doctor for a vision check after the first few weeks of life. Your child’s eye doctor can diagnose the condition and use a variety of therapies to help your child strengthen their eye.

Often, patching (putting a patch on the stronger eye) and corrective lenses can help correct this problem. If the problem is caught early enough, your child’s eye doctor may be able to fix the eye and reverse the damage.

Failure to fix this problem over time could lead to loss of vision in the lazy eye, so don’t delay making an appointment with your child’s eye doctor.

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Good vision is important for your child’s quality of life. At Family Vision Center PA, we can help. Call today to make an appointment for an eye examination in Wellington, FL, with your child’s eye doctor.

Who Can I Call For Eye-Related Emergencies?

Eye emergencies can occur anytime and often require prompt medical attention to prevent permanent vision loss. In such cases, seeking emergency eye care services is critical. Here is what you need to know about emergency eye care.

The skilled team at Family Vision Centre of Wellington, FL, is proud to serve the local community with premium eye care services, being there for you when you need us most.

What is Emergency Eye Care?

Emergency eye care refers to the medical attention given to patients experiencing sudden or severe eye problems requiring immediate attention. Eye emergencies can result from various causes, such as accidents, injuries, infections, or underlying medical conditions.

Common Symptoms of Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Redness or swelling of the eye
  • Eye discharge or tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Foreign body sensation in the eye
  • Flashes of light or floaters in the vision

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek emergency eye care immediately.

Benefits of Prompt Emergency

Eye Care Prompt emergency eye care can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Preservation of vision: In some cases, emergency eye care can prevent permanent vision loss or damage.
  • Treatment of underlying conditions: Eye emergencies may be a symptom of underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. Seeking prompt medical attention can help diagnose and treat these conditions before they worsen.
  • Pain relief: Eye emergencies can cause severe pain or discomfort. Seeking emergency eye care can provide immediate pain relief.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have received prompt and proper medical attention can help ease anxiety and promote overall well-being.

Your Trusted Eye Care Professional

Eye emergencies can occur anytime and require prompt medical attention to prevent permanent vision loss. If you experience any symptoms of an eye emergency, seek medical attention immediately to receive the care you need. During your next appointment with the adept team at Family Vision Centre of Wellington, FL, you can be sure you receive the proper care and guidance you and your family deserve.

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Routine eye exams are essential for maintaining healthy eyes and vision. If you’re under 40 and have no eye issues, you should have an eye exam every two years.

Wondering what happens during these eye exam appointments? Take a look at what you can expect:

Preparing for the Visit

As you contact an eye doctor to make your appointment, make sure to mention any eye conditions you have or if you’re experiencing any eye or vision problems. This will help the doctor better prepare for your visit. Additionally, make a list of any questions you have, and also bring the names of the medications you’re currently taking. If you wear contact lenses or glasses, bring them with you.

Looking for a trusted eye exam in Wellington, FL? If so, pick up the phone and call Family Vision Center PA today!

During the Exam

At the beginning of your appointment, a doctor or assistant will ask about your medical and vision history. From there, the eye doctor will typically run several tests to understand the health of your vision and eyes. One popular exam is called the eye muscle movement test, which checks your eye’s alignment. You then might take the cover test, which determines how well your eyes work together. Other tests examine your visual acuity, eye pressure, visual field, color vision, and sensitivity to light. Depending on the doctor’s findings, they may provide additional tests.

After the Appointment

Keep in mind your eyes may be more sensitive to light for several hours after your appointment. Also, if you had your eyes dilated, your vision may be blurry for the rest of the day. That said, avoid reading, driving, and using screens. You should wear sunglasses to help with the discomfort.

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