Best Practices for Clean and Comfortable Contact Lenses

Did you know that properly caring for your contacts would make them more comfortable to wear? Youreye doctor in Wellington, FL, will also tell you that the proper care of your contacts will help keep them from damaging your eyes.

Best Practices for Clean and Comfortable Contact Lenses
Here are some care recommendations your eye doctor will give you when prescribing youcontacts in Wellington, FL.

Regular Eye Exams
It’s essential to schedule regular exams with your eye doctor. Your optometrist can assess your eye health and provide you with personalized advice and updated prescriptions. This will help minimize the risk of irritation or other eye health issues.

Proper Lens Hygiene
Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts to prevent the transfer of bacteria. And only use a recommended lens solution to clear and disinfect your lenses. Never use tap water or saliva on your contacts. These could introduce harmful microorganisms to your eyes and lenses.

Tips for Having Comfortable Contact Lenses
You should hydrate your eyes by using lubricating eye drops made for contacts to keep your eyes comfortable. Follow the wearing schedule recommended by your eye doctor. Extended wear without the proper breaks can lead to discomfort and complications. And replace your lenses as recommended by your eye doctor.

How to Properly Clean Your Contact Lenses
Always wash and dry your hands before cleaning your lenses. Then, fill your contact lens case with fresh disinfecting solution. Next, rub your contact lens with disinfecting solution, then rinse that lens with more solution. Then, place it in its storage chamber and close the lid. Do that with both lenses.

Do You Need an Eye Doctor in Wellington, FL?
If you need an eye doctor in Wellington, FL, pleaseContact Vision Source today. Proactive eye care is the key to maintaining clean and comfortable contact lenses. Don’t compromise your vision. Take the first step towards the best possible eye health available.

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