4 Ways to Treat Dry Eye

Dry eye can be a nuisance that can cause discomfort. Dry eye can also interfere with your contact lenses. If you suffer from dry eye, your eye doctor in Wellington, FL can help keep your eyes healthy. Below are four things you can do to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

1. Add a Little Humidity

Dryness in the air can cause or exacerbate dry eyes. Adding a little humidity to the air in your home – particularly to the places where you spend the most time – can help alleviate symptoms of dry eye. Use a dehumidifier in your home in rooms like the bedroom or living room, where you spend the majority of your time.

2. Use Artificial Tears

Artificial tears are available for sale in pharmacies without a prescription. Artificial tears can help alleviate symptoms of dry eye by keeping your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day. Keep bottles of artificial tears in your home, purse, office and other places that you frequent, and use artificial tears as indicated on the bottle.

3. Protect Your Eyes

Wear wrap around sunglasses when you’re outside, particularly on bright, sunny days. If you’re using a blow-dryer, protect your eyes from fast blowing air by using the lowest, coolest setting.

4. Talk to Your Eye Doctor

If you made all of the changes listed above and you’re still experiencing dry eye, talk to your eye doctor. Your eye doctor can provide dry eye treatment in Wellington, FL. You may be taking a medication that’s causing dry eye, or you may have a condition that needs treatment.

At Family Vision Center PA, we work with patients to identify the cause of their dry eye and prescribe medicines or take action as needed. If you suffer from dry eye, call today to make an appointment and learn more about what you can do.

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