Do Scleral Contacts Hurt?

When you look at scleral contacts, you can immediately tell the difference between them and regular soft contacts. Not only are scleral contacts larger, but they’re also shaped differently. Because they’re designed to rest on the whites of your eyes due to an irregularly shaped cornea, there’s a noticeable dome in the middle of the lens. If you’re wondering whether they’re uncomfortable to wear, we’ll look at what you can expect from your experience.

The Scleral Contact Experience

The short answer to the main questions is that scleral contacts may be uncomfortable for some people. However, this is not necessarily due to the lens but rather to how an optometrist adjusts the lens. Because there are several ways an eye doctor in Wellington, FL, can shape them, it can be easy to make the wrong adjustments. For instance, if one of the edges of the contact is too flat, it can cause discomfort in a specific part of the eye.

Who Needs Scleral Contacts?

Scleral contacts in Wellington, FL, are made for people with corneas that don’t conform to the standard shape of a cornea. In the most basic terms, you can think of the cornea more like a football (in that it protrudes) rather than a baseball. Scleral contacts are made from a rigid material and can be worn for as long as a year. While there’s more responsibility to clean and care for scleral contact lenses, they are durable enough to handle the pressures of everyday wear.

Optometrists in Wellington, FL

There’s no reason to be nervous about needing scleral contacts, but it will make a difference who you choose to fit them. Family Vision Center PA’s staff can help you find a comfortable solution so that you can see.

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