3 Reasons to See the Eye Doctor in 2023

Seeing the eye doctor in Wellington, FL is good for your vision and your eye health. Have you made an eye appointment to see your doctor in the new year? If not, you should! Here’s why we recommend that our patients make an appointment for an eye exam in the new year.

1. Update Your Prescription

During routine eye exams, your eye doctor will check your vision for changes in your corrective lens prescription. If your prescription has changed, you should get new eyeglasses or new contact lenses (whichever applies to you). It’s important to update your prescription on a regular basis to ensure that your vision is clear and focused.

2. It’s Possible to Have an Eye Condition and Not Know It

Some eye conditions, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, have no symptoms in the early stages. Seeing the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam is the only way to catch these conditions before they become serious. Catching these conditions early can save your vision, and help you get on top of treatment.

3. Your Eye Insurance Likely Covers An Exam Each Year

If you have eye insurance, your insurance likely covers one eye exam each year. Find out from your insurance provider what’s covered under your policy. If your insurance policy does cover an eye exam, take advantage of the benefit. Get an eye exam in Wellington, FL.

Call Family Vision Center PA to make an appointment for your eye exam. We offer exam services, corrective lenses and treatment for a variety of eye conditions. We can help you take care of your eyes in 2023. Call today to make an appointment.

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