What’s a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are an alternative to eyeglasses preferred by many people with vision trouble. Contacts provide comfortable and effective vision correction throughout the day, without impacting your appearance. If you’re interested in getting contact lenses in Wellington, FL, the first thing your eye doctor will recommend is a contact lens exam. Here’s what you need to know.

What to Know About Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses need to fit the eyes of the wearer in a way that standard eyeglasses do not. Before your eye doctor can prescribe contact lenses for you, they’ll need to measure your eyes and their curvature.

Your eye doctor will also need to analyze your tears and determine whether your eyes are moist enough for standard contacts. During the contact lens exam, your eye doctor will determine which kind of contacts you need to see properly.

Do You Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Anyone who wants contact lenses should first get a contact lens exam. These exams are not the same as standard eye exams. If you’re interested in getting contacts, talk to your eye doctor about scheduling a contact lens exam. Once you’ve had the exam, your eye doctor will have to order your contact lenses. You’ll return to the eye doctor for a fitting once the lenses have been made.

Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

Not everyone is a good candidate for contact lenses. Contacts need more maintenance than eyeglasses. For some people, this is reason enough not to get contacts. In addition, the type of contacts that your eye doctor recommends will depend on your eye health. To find out whether contact lenses are right for you, talk to your eye doctor in Wellington FL. Make an appointment with Family Vision Center PA today.

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