Tips to Remember During an Eye Health Emergency  

When you know you need emergency eye care in Wellington, FL, there are steps you can take before getting to the eye doctor to protect your eyes. Eye emergencies come in a lot of shapes and forms: eye or eyelid trauma, intense eye pain, foreign objects in the eye, and even sudden changes in vision. Regardless of the situation, here are a few tips to remember.

Avoid Pressure on the Affected Eye

Applying pressure to the eye that has either sustained an injury or is experiencing pain is something to avoid. In the event you have foreign debris in the eye, pressure can make the problem worse. If you are dealing with something like sudden changes in vision, you don’t want to inadvertently put more pressure on the retinal nerves.

Don’t Try to Remove Embedded Debris

Embedded debris is a common eye emergency. This means that you have something embedded in the clear lens (cornea) that covers the eye. If you see that a piece of foreign matter is not moving when you blink, this is a sign that it is embedded. It is far safer to leave the object in place until the eye doctor can take a look.

Be Careful with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be tricky during an eye emergency. If you have gotten chemicals in your eyes, it is best to remove the lenses if possible. If your contacts come out when you rinse out your eyes, don’t try to put them back in. If you have foreign debris in the eye, it can be better to leave the lenses in place unless it feels like the eye is swelling.

Talk to a Wellington, FL Eye Doctor About Vision Emergencies

Talking to a Wellington eye doctor as soon as you recognize an eye emergency is vital. Reach out to Vision Source if you believe you are dealing with an eye health emergency to get professional advice.


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