Is My Child Too Young For Eyeglasses?

Poor vision can afflict young children just as it can adults. When a child’s vision is bad, it can negatively impact learning, development, eye-hand coordination and even self-confidence. Most experts agree that children should be screened for vision problems as early as six months of age. But can a child be too young for eyeglasses?

The Development of the Eyes

When a newborn comes into the world, they are not able to focus correctly. The muscles in the eyes are still learning to work together. It may be eight weeks or more before a baby is fully able to focus. Good color detection may not come along until around five months of age.

Give Children a Chance

Your Wellington, FL optometrist for children will want to wait until your child’s eyes have had a chance to develop fully on their own before prescribing eyeglasses. This is because wearing eyeglasses changes the way the eyes focus. You wouldn’t want to prevent eyes from being able to focus naturally without first giving an opportunity to do so without the use of corrective lenses.

Responsibility and Eyeglasses

Children’s maturity should also be taken into when determining if they are old enough for eyeglasses. A pre-schooler will not be able to independently care for their lenses. But with the guidance of the optometrist in Wellington, FL and the parents, the child can learn to keep the eyeglasses on while doing activities, and learn to put them in a designated cases when not wearing them. This is easily-learned behavior that is akin to taking care of their prized toys.

You and your child’s eye doctor will need to determine if and when your child should get eyeglasses. If glasses are prescribed, you can rest easy, knowing that your child’s vision is being well-treated.

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