How to Protect Children’s Eyesight

Your child’s eyesight is still developing. Any problems that may develop later on in life might be prevented with the implementation of the following ideas to help protect your child’s eyesight as they grow.

Plenty of Sleep
Children need lots of sleep in order for healthy growth, and that includes their eyesight. Tired eyes aren’t just a fairy tale. Weariness causes eye strain, which is bad for everyone, including children.

Proper Distance
Teach your youngster how far away to hold reading materials so their eyes aren’t strained. If they insist on holding things far or near, it could be a sign that they need to see a pediatric eye doctor in Wellington, FL, for an eye exam.

Adequate Lighting
Be sure that there are well-lit areas in the home for your child to read. Reading in low light causes eye strain, which can have permanent effects on your child’s eye development. Emphasize the need for good lighting so your child doesn’t try to read in darkness or bad lighting.

Limit Screen Time
Kids these days spend inordinate amounts of time looking at screens, even at school. Put hard limits on screen time since screens emit blue light, which is bad for the eyes over extended periods of time. Since much of the latest technology is relatively new, we’ve yet to find out the long-term effects of looking at screens all day.

Protective Eyewear During Sports
Whether your child is practicing their pitch in the backyard or in the schoolyard, it’s important that they wear protective eyewear. Goggles for swimming and other eyewear for sports will ensure that an accidental sports injury doesn’t turn into a permanent injury.

For more information about ways to protect your child’s eyesight or to book an eye exam, make an appointment with your child’s eye doctor in Wellington, FL.

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