Can Eyedrops Help Improve My Child’s Vision?

Parents who want their kids to see better will likely think about what type of glasses to purchase. The next question might be whether there are other options available that can give their kids the gift of sight. If you’ve heard of eyedrops helping a child see, we’ll look at what exactly that means and whether the treatment would be right for your family.

Do Eye Drops Improve Eyesight?
Eye drops in Wellington, FL, don’t directly lead to better eyesight. What they can do is help control certain conditions, and that treatment can then lead to stronger sight. The most common eye drop for children is atropine. This treatment will relax the eye muscles, which can reduce nearsightedness. Also called myopia, this condition occurs when the eye becomes more oval-shaped than round. (These drops cannot correct nearsightedness, but they can potentially stop their prescription from getting worse.)

Atropine can also be used to treat lazy eyes because the eye drops can blur the vision in the non-lazy eye, forcing the lazy eye to work harder and strengthen itself over time. Finally, a doctor might use atropine or another type of eye drop (e.g., mydriatics, etc.) to dilate the child’s eye. This can help control inflammation, which can eventually fight off the short-term issues that lead to long-term effects.

Find a Family Optometrist in Wellington, FL
Eye drops are one tool in an arsenal of potential treatments for your whole family, one that can stave off further eye damage. No matter what your child is currently dealing with, the right eye doctor in Wellington, FL, can give you peace of mind about their long-term eye health. If you’re concerned about helping your child see better, contact the staff at Family Vision Center PA to make an appointment today.

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