How Contact Wearers Can Prevent Eye Infections

Contact lens wearers touch their eyes and the area around the eyes much more than eyeglass wearers, and in fact more than other people in general. Because of this, there is a higher risk for eye infections in those who wear contacts. If you wear contact lenses in Wellington, Florida, here are some tips for preventing eye infections.

Wash Hands Before Handling

Any time you touch contacts with your hands, there’s a risk of transmitting germs from your fingertips to the lens. Avoid this by washing hands with soap before handling your contact lenses. D

Use Lint-Free Hand Towels

After washing hands, dry with a lint-free hand towel. This will prevent bits of fluff from the towel from getting onto the lens, which could irritate the eye.

Use Branded Contact Lens Solution

There are many generic and store brands of contact lens solution now. However, branded contact lens solutions are more likely to be completely sterile and safe, since the company is protecting their brand. To be on the safe side, invest in branded solutions only. They cost only pennies more and are worth it.

Replace Contact Lenses

Be sure to replace your contact lenses with new ones according to the advice from your Wellington, Fl optometrist and the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have one-day lenses, don’t try to stretch their use into a week, for example. Old contact lenses disintegrate and you don’t want that material to possibly infect your eye.

Never Wear a Torn Lens

When you’re late for work or school and discover a torn lens, you may be tempted to wear it anyway, just for the day. Never wear a torn lens as this could cause an eye infection. Instead, keep a pair of prescription eyeglasses on hand and wear those until you can get new lenses.

For contact lenses in Wellington, FL, contact us to book an exam or to have your lenses checked for quality.

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