Caring For Your New Eyeglasses

When you get new eyeglasses in Wellington, FL, you want to take good care of them. Eyeglasses are an investment in your eye health. The longer they last, the more value they add to your life. Here are some tips to help keep your glasses as good as new.

Use the Eyeglass Case
When you aren’t wearing your eyeglasses, store them in the eyeglass case. The case protects your glasses against damage from falls, scrapes on the lens, and more. One great tip is to keep several eyeglass cases around the house so there’s always one available when you need it.

Get Eyeglasses Adjusted
The hinge screws on eyeglasses can become loose, making them fit less comfortably than when you first got them. Every so often, it’s helpful to visit your eye doctor to have your eyeglasses adjusted. That way, the eyeglasses technician can ensure they fit properly and notice any developing issues with the frame or lenses.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Don’t use harsh chemicals or DIY solutions on your eyeglass lenses. Even something so common as vinegar can cause microscopic divots in the lens and ultimately disrupt your clear vision. Instead, opt for water and a lint-free, soft cloth that’s made for eyeglass cleaning.

Keep Out of the Sun
Don’t set your eyeglasses down on your car’s dashboard or near sunny windows. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the lens coatings, such as anti-reflective or scratch-resistant layers, and may also cause the frames to warp or discolor.

Get an Eyeglass Chain
There are eyeglass chains and break-apart eyeglasses available now for people who take their glasses on and off frequently. These help you to avoid losing your glasses. Talk to your eye doctor to find out what’s available.

If you need a new or replacement pair of eyeglasses, contact us today to book an appointment with your eye doctor in Wellington, FL. We have lots of great styles to

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