8 Signs of Toddler Vision Problems

Your child’s eyesight is an important aspect of their development. Vision helps to shape how your child perceives and interacts with their surroundings. Unfortunately, toddlers often don’t have the knowledge, verbal skills or capability to let parents know when they’re having trouble with their eyesight. Yet, it’s important to catch problems with eyesight so they can see a pediatric eye doctor in Wellington, FL for treatment. Here are eight signs of toddler vision problems to look for:

1. Holding/ Hitting Head
Vision problems often manifest as persistent headaches. Holding the head could mean that your toddler is in pain in that part of the body.

2. Bloodshot or Watery Eyes
Eye strain causes increased blood circulation to the eyes, which may make your toddler’s eyes look red or watery.

3. Mood Swings
If your toddler is having trouble seeing, it may make them frustrated, causing unusual mood swings or a persistent grumpy mood.

4. Avoidance of Certain Activities
Your toddler may refuse to engage in activities that require focus, like picture books, watching TV, coloring etc.

5. Excess Sleeping
If your toddler all of a sudden wants to spend lots of time in bed, they may be feeling sad or depressed because they can’t see well enough to do their favorite activities.

6. Rubbing Eyes
Your child may rub their eyes excessively in an effort to “fix” their eyesight.

7. Lack of Intellectual Development
If your toddler doesn’t seem to be keeping up with peers in terms of development, it could be that they need vision correction.

8. Holds Items Very Close to See
Nearsighted toddlers may try to focus by holding books, toys, crayons and more very close to their eyes.

Be sure to bring your toddler in to see their eye doctor in Wellington, FL for routine eye exams and potential vision correction treatment. Contact us to book your appointment now.

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