Can Dry Eye Syndrome be Reversed?

Dry eye syndrome affects millions of people all over the world. This condition causes redness, irritation and—in some cases—physical damage to the eye. If you’ve been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome in Wellington, FL, you may like to know whether or not the condition can be reversed.

Treatment For Dry Eye Syndrome
Much of the treatment for dry eye syndrome has to do with alleviating the symptoms as well as diagnosing and treating the underlying causes. Treatment may include one or more of the following:

prescription eye drops
lifestyle changes
adaptive changes for corrective eyewear (scleral lenses, eyeglasses, etc.)
avoidance of environmental triggers
prescription oral medications
gland expression
light therapy
Is Reversal of Dry Eye Syndrome Possible?
It’s not really possible to reverse dry eye syndrome. If damage has been done to the cornea, that damage may be permanent. This is why it’s important to get treatment for dry eyes as soon as possible after you notice symptoms. However, there is help in the form of treatment to prevent further damage, and to help keep the eyes sufficiently lubricated.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes Syndrome
If you do notice that you have the following symptoms of dry eyes, it’s important to contact your eye doctor as soon as possible for treatment. Symptoms of dry eyes include:

feeling like sand is in the eyes
redness in the whites of the eyes
eye fatigue
feeling like the air is drying out the eyes
having to squeeze eyes tight to get relief
wearing contact lenses increasingly difficult or uncomfortable
shorter wearable time for contact lenses
burning or stinging sensation in the eyes
Your eye doctor in Wellington, FL has diagnostic tools available to determine if you have dry eyes syndrome. Contact us today to learn more or to book your appointment.

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