Are Dry Eye Masks Good for Your Eyes?  

If you suffer from dry eye in Wellington, FL, you probably already know that it’s a relatively common condition. However, just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s easy to cope with. While certainly not life threatening on its own, dry eyes can easily interfere with important tasks like driving or chopping. You might have seen dry eye masks on the market and wondered if they were good for your eyes. We look at the facts of dry eyes and when you should talk to a doctor.

How Dry Eye Masks Work

Your meibomian gland is located within the eyelid at the very outer edge. When it’s clogged, it can’t produce the oil that the tear needs to really lubricate itself. (When you think about your tears, you might think about water and salt. However, it’s really the oil that helps give your eye the sheen it needs to see.) Dry eye masks work by gently unclogging that gland so oil can flow.

Dry eye masks work by administering heat to the eyelid. The thinner the oil gets, the more likely that it will exit through the lid. This is safe for the eye, as long as the mask doesn’t get hot enough to burn your skin. However, it may not always fix the problem.

When to See an Eye Doctor in Wellington, FL

Dry eyes aren’t always the cause of a blocked gland. If you have allergies or other underlying conditions, you’ll want to see an optometrist in Wellington, FL who can help you decide on a better treatment path. At Family Vision Source, we’re here to recommend real solutions that can last. Whether you need prescription eye drops or just a better contact cleaning routine, contact us to learn more about how to get relief.


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