When Should I Visit an Emergency Eye Doctor After Chemical Exposure?

Chemical exposure is more common than many people think. While it certainly can happen on work sites, it’s also apt to happen at home. If you’re wondering how to treat your eyes after it occurs, we’ll look at both what you should do and when it requires emergency assistance.

When To See The Eye Doctor in Wellington?

There are few chemical encounters that don’t constitute a trip to the emergency room, and this is true even if you feel fine after rinsing out your eyes. Ideally, you should call an emergency optometrist in Wellington, FL, take the chemical container with you, and wear sunglasses to avoid exposure to light.

Immediate Steps 

While you will need an emergency eye doctor, there are things that you can do immediately after the exposure. However, the steps are somewhat difficult to do if you don’t have someone else readily available.

Ideally, you should have a friend or co-worker call the eye doctor while you run your face under lukewarm water for around 15 minutes. (You should hold the lids apart to ensure that the water makes it into the eye to flush it out.) From there, ensure that you’re following instructions step by step to reduce the odds of serious damage. If you can’t have someone call for you, ensure that you call a doctor directly after washing out your eyes.

Eye Emergencies in Wellington

You cannot judge the extent of a chemical burn by the amount of pain you’re feeling. Simply because you don’t feel very much does not mean that your eyes haven’t sustained damage. If you’re looking for aneye doctor in Wellington, FL, who can treat you on the spot, contact Family Vision Center PA to arrange an emergency exam.