Are You Ready to Say Good-bye to Glasses?  

Although glasses help to improve vision, they are not always convenient to wear. They fog up, are difficult to wear when playing sports, and may not look as attractive as you would like. Contact lenses in Wellington, FL can make an excellent alternative. One of the greatest advantages of contact lenses compared to glasses is that they move naturally with your eyes to provide a clear field of view.

What Types of Contact Lenses Are Available?

When you come in for a contact lens evaluation and fitting, an optometrist at Vision Source will recommend a specific type of lens based on your lifestyle and vision challenges.

Daily Lenses

You wear these lenses for several consecutive days and then dispose of them. With other types of extended wear lenses, you wear them again once you remove them for cleaning. Choosing this type also decreases the risk of infection because you wear them for fewer consecutive days.

Extended Wear

You can wear these types of contact lenses for an extended time without needing to remove them, which may be up to 30 days. Just keep in mind that you will need regular monitoring and care from an optometrist to ensure that you do not develop an infection.

Rigid Gas-Permeable

RGP contact lenses are comfortable, require a short adjustment period, and correct most types of visual problems. They are also easy to insert and available in bifocals and tints. However, you must wear them consistently to ensure your eyes will adapt.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are ones that you wear every day and replace according to a predetermined schedule such as every two weeks, once a month, or once per quarter. These lenses are available with most prescriptions and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Please contact Vision Source to learn more about contact lenses in Wellington, FL today.


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