How to Choose Eyeglass Frames

Choosing eyeglass frames in Wellington, FL, is both enjoyable and daunting. It should be straightforward, but considering that your frames are a long-term investment, it’s worth spending some time picking out frames that will make you feel good about your purchase for a long time to come.

Choosing Frames That are Comfortable
Frames need to serve a purpose other than just making you look good. They also should be comfortable as far as your eyesight. As a rule, you shouldn’t see your frames when you’re wearing your eyeglasses. The fishbowl effect that some new eyeglass wearers report has more to do with having the frames in the peripheral vision, which means you may need larger frames. Experiment with different frames to find the most comfortable pair.

Identifying Your Face’s Contour
Before visiting the optical shop, you should know the basics of your face’s contour. Despite seeing your reflection daily, many people are unaware of their face’s actual shape. To figure this out, stand before a mirror and tie your hair back. Use a washable pen or marker to trace your face’s outline on the mirror, extending up to your hairline. Step back and observe the drawn shape, which will be either square, round or oval. Now you are better equipped to select the perfect frames for your face shape.

Consulting a Friend
Judging how eyeglass frames look on you from others’ perspective is another aspect of choosing the right frames. Bringing a friend for their honest opinion can be beneficial. Their perspective, coupled with your own, will help you to make a great choice. If you’re shopping alone, the optical staff can offer valuable advice on which frames best accentuate your face.

Picking Contrasting Frame Shapes
A strategy often used by fashion experts is to choose frame shapes that contrast with your face’s contour. For instance, if you have a square face, opt for rounder frame designs. Conversely, if your face is round or oval, more angular frames, such as square or rectangular shapes, are advisable.

These tips ensure you find frames that best complement your face’s shape. For your next eyeglass frames, book an appointment with your optometrist in Wellington, FL.

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