Are Your Eyes Overworked? How Neurolens Can Help

The world today is stuffed with screens, and they can be difficult to avoid for even the most diligent among us. It’s a fact that the average person’s eyes have never been subjected to this much pressure before, and it’s leading to a variety of disorders.

From dry eyes to light sensitivity, the reality is that many of us don’t even realize what’s happening because it happens so slowly over time. Neurolens is a new type of lens, one that’s specifically designed to help you fight off the worst of the effects so you can go back to seeing clearly and comfortably.

How Does Neurolens Work?
Neurolens in Wellington, FL, has a contoured prism that was designed to keep the eyes aligned, regardless of where they are and what they’re looking at. They are a prescription lens that leans on patented technology to relieve pressure on your trigeminal nerve, also known as the largest of all the cranial nerves and the one that provides sensory data to the face.

The Neurolens was created because more and more people are experiencing discomfort due to the demands on their eyes. Over time, you can find that eyestrain leads to anything from headaches to migraines to shoulder pain. The Neurolens will bend the light rays, so they realign the eyes. It adjusts the corrective power of lenses so you can see different things no matter what distance you’re looking at.

Neurolens in Wellington
At Family Vision Center PA, our staff can tell you more about how the Neurolens can help correct eye discomfort and even bodily strain. When you visit the right eye doctor in Wellington, FL, you can trust you’re getting all the information you need to make smarter decisions about your (and your family’s) eye health.

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